Welcome to the Tree City Trailblazers 2023 Program, a collaborative effort by Trailhead and Perkins Coie. Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community of local entrepreneurs through a carefully curated cohort experience. This transformative nine-month journey features presentations by Idaho’s most successful entrepreneurs, a purposefully crafted curriculum encompassing essential legal and business content, and a robust peer support system. By fostering connections, facilitating knowledge sharing, and providing a supportive environment, we empower entrepreneurs to thrive in Boise’s burgeoning business landscape.

Meet our Featured Guest Speakers

Get to know our distinguished lineup of guest speakers with the Tree City Trailblazers Program. From industry titans to pioneering entrepreneurs, our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insights to the program’s experience. They’re not just leaders in their fields—they’re trailblazers committed to sharing their journey and expertise to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Meet the Cohort

Idaho’s Trailblazers

Our Tree City Trailblazers cohort is a dynamic assembly of Boise’s most visionary entrepreneurs, each contributing a unique perspective and driving force to our community.

From seasoned industry leaders to emerging new comers, this diverse group represents a spectrum of businesses, industries, and ideas, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective growth.

Get acquainted with the faces shaping Boise’s entrepreneurial future and explore their profiles and business journeys below!

2024 Cohort
2024 Cohort
2024 Cohort

Alex McCoy

Title: CEO + Founder
Business Name: The American Ostrich Company LLC
Industry: Agriculture and CPG
Business Description: The American Ostrich Company LLC is a vertically integrated producer focused on providing a sustainable red meat alternative. Their mission is to increase awareness of food resource intensity, offering ostrich meat with a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to traditional beef.

Chris Johnson

Title: Founder
Business Name: Fresh Start Products dba DIVVI LOVE
Industry: Kitchenware / Bakeware
Business Description: DIVVI LOVE introduces a bakeware and food storage system aimed at catering to individual food preferences, sensitivities, allergies, and diet needs within a family, providing a solution for customized meal preparation.

Ken Brook

Title: Founder
Business Name: AdPrompt.Ai, LLC
Industry: AI, Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media
Business Description: AdPrompt.Ai specializes in advanced machine learning algorithms for auto-optimizing digital ad campaigns and content creation. Their platform leverages large language models (LLMs) to automate media buying, planning, and campaign delivery/reporting, enhancing advertising performance while adhering to data privacy laws.

Lindsey Carmichael

Title: Founder
Business Name: Soleni Shoes
Industry: Retail
Business Description: Soleni Shoes is an orthopedic footwear line dedicated to empowering women through comfortable and stylish footwear. Focused on changing the stigma that women need to wear high heels, they offer trademarked ortho-technology targeting common foot ailments. The goal is to combine fashion with function, allowing women to feel and perform their best without compromising style.

Rachel Wilson

Title: Co-Founder | CEO
Business Name: BoldHue, Inc.
Industry: Beauty Tech
Business Description: BoldHue utilizes patented technology to provide matched foundation shades for makeup wearers through a smart device, eliminating the guesswork of in-store or online searches. With a focus on convenience, customers can curate their auto shipments through a subscribe-and-save platform, receiving pigment and base foundation refills directly to their doorstep.

Anne Maxson

Title: Founder
Business Name: Grenzmax LLC (ABN – “Effectiv”)
Industry: HealthTech
Business Description: Effectiv provides a cloud-based software solution focused on patient prescription compliance. By improving health literacy and offering personalized medication education and monitoring, Effectiv aims to enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Jennifer Meyer

Title: CEO
Business Name: Londr
Industry: Service-driven technology company
Business Description: Londr offers customized, on-demand laundry solutions for individuals and businesses, providing convenient drop-off and pickup services within 24 hours.

Kenyon Blue

Title: CEO / Software Engineer
Business Name: CollectedAF
Industry: Social Media
Business Description: CollectedAF is a social media application blending B2B and B2C functionalities, offering proximity chat to connect people in physical proximity. For businesses, it provides user attribute-based interactions, allowing tailored offers based on attributes, interests, and location. The platform’s unique feature allows users to “collect” businesses, gamifying user engagement. Additionally, it offers SaaS tools for businesses to engage their audience with an à la carte model.

Matias Troccoli

Title: CEO and Co-founder
Business Name: GYBE INC.
Industry: IT Infrastructure, Critical Industries
Business Description: GYBE INC. focuses on empowering frontline workers by delivering mission-critical tools via cloud and AI micro-tools. With a purpose-built platform, they optimize operations for critical industries, offering lean mobility hardware and continuous onboarding of digital processes.

Tyler Manning

Title: Founder/CEO
Business Name: Kipsy
Industry: Software
Business Description: Kipsy is a SaaS business revolutionizing sales organizations by providing AI-powered tools that enhance sales performance. Focusing on North American sales teams using various communication platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, Kipsy offers personalized AI sales coaching and analytics to optimize sales processes and automate follow-up tasks, leveraging a database of sales call insights.

Ashley Crafton

Title: CEO + Founder
Business Name: Galena Innovations
Industry: Medical Device
Business Description: Galena Innovations aims to revolutionize obstetrics with the Hannah Cervical Cup, a groundbreaking noninvasive medical device designed to reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm birth and offer potential treatment for early rupture of membranes.

John Rubocki

Title: CFO
Business Name: SeekingSimple, Inc.
Industry: Software/Digital Health Tech
Business Description: SeekingSimple aims to revolutionize food-related diseases by leveraging consumer behaviors, ingredient data, and grocery store integration through a digital journey.

Landon Stroebel

Title: President
Business Name: Starsight.io Inc
Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
Business Description: Starsight.io Inc specializes in supplying custom, high-end solar cells for diverse applications like space, aerospace, building materials, agriculture, and vehicles. They are building a “center of excellence” manufacturing facility in the US to host cutting-edge cell designs from around the world.

Paul Adah

Title: CEO/Founder
Business Name: Pay4Me, Inc.
Industry: Fintech/Financial Services
Business Description: Pay4Me offers payment and financial services solutions tailored for international students and immigrants. Addressing issues around cross-border tuition, fees, and remittance payments, their Pay4Me App aims to simplify and streamline transactions for their target audience.