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Whether you’re launching a new business, navigating a legal dispute, or simply have questions about the entrepreneurial landscape, our network of experienced mentors is here to help!

We understand that entrepreneurial challenges can be complex and overwhelming, which is why we’re thrilled to offer this service to Trailhead members, entirely free of charge. Our mentors are seasoned professionals with expertise spanning various fields, and they are dedicated to supporting Trailhead members in their journey towards success.

Our Trail Guides mentorship program offers expertise across diverse industries to support your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership: Gain insights into founding and leading a startup, navigating challenges, and strategic decision-making.
  • Legal & Compliance: Understand the legal landscape, from intellectual property to regulatory compliance.
  • Technology & Health Tech: Dive into the latest in tech innovation, product development, and health tech trends.
  • Operations & Business Management: Learn about efficient business operations, project management, and scaling strategies.
  • Marketing & Brand Development: Explore effective marketing techniques, brand positioning, and digital presence.
  • Finance & Investment: Get advice on financial planning, fundraising, and investor relations.
  • Human Resources: Enhance your team-building, culture development, and HR management skills.

Are you already a Trailhead member and looking to access the Trail Guides mentorship program? Reach out to our team for assistance with accessing the member portal. Simply send your inquiry to, and we’ll guide you through the process to connect with our network of experienced mentors.

Date and Time

Office Hour Dates and Times Vary by Mentor
30 minute sessions


Trailhead Boise
500 South 8th Street
Boise, ID, 83702

1. Browse Our Available Mentors: Take your time to review our mentors’ profiles and find the perfect match for your needs.

2. Schedule a Session: Simply click the “View Availability” button on your chosen mentor’s profile to book a mentorship session that suits your availability.

3. Connect and Learn: Meet with your mentor at Trailhead, discuss your challenges, and receive valuable insights to help you advance in your entrepreneurial journey.

Disclaimer: The mentorship program at Trailhead is designed to offer guidance and general information to our members. While our mentors are seasoned professionals, their advice and insights are not intended to replace professional legal, financial, or business counsel. Engaging with a mentor does not establish a client-mentor relationship, guarantee specific outcomes, or constitute formal advice.

By participating in the mentorship program, you acknowledge that Trailhead, its mentors, and affiliates are not liable for any errors, omissions, or consequences that may result from your reliance on the information and guidance provided during mentorship sessions. It is essential to consult with appropriate professionals for tailored advice regarding your specific circumstances.

Furthermore, Trailhead disclaims responsibility for any legal matters or issues that may arise as a result of your mentorship interactions. You agree to hold Trailhead and its mentors harmless from any claims or liabilities associated with such matters or issues. Always consult with qualified experts for advice related to legal, financial, and business decisions.

Your success is important to us, and our mentorship program is designed to support your journey. However, it’s vital to seek independent professional advice for your specific needs and circumstances.