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  • Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Get It Off The Ground

    Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Get It Off The Ground

    By Sharon Fisher | May 31, 2022 Pitch Aeronautics Inc., developing a drone that can perform high-altitude inspections more quickly and safely, launched its crowdfunding raise on May 31 on StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform geared to startups. The crowdfunding round, with which Pitch Aeronautics hopes to raise $1 million, is a follow-on from the $250,000 IGEM grant it received from the Department of Commerce in partnership with Boise State University in 2020, and will enable the company to develop a prototype model for demonstrations this summer, said Zach Adams, cofounder and chief engineer. “The people we’re competing with aren’t other

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  • BoldHue: Building the Foundation of a Company

    BoldHue: Building the Foundation of a Company

    By Sharon Fisher | March 29, 2022 Anyone who wears makeup knows how important it is to get the foundation tone right. Too light, and you look like a ghost. Too dark, and you look like you’re trying to fake a tan. That’s the problem BoldHue Inc. is trying to solve. The pre-revenue startup, now with a minimum viable product prototype, is currently at $350,000 of a $500,000 pre-seed round that will bring develop five new prototypes and bring the product from the alpha to the beta stage, said Rachel Wilson, CEO and cofounder. “I’m half Argentinian,” Wilson explained. “With

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  • Kicking off Boise Entrepreneur Week 2022

    Kicking off Boise Entrepreneur Week 2022

    By Sharon Fisher | March 22, 2022 In case it’s been keeping anybody up nights, yes, plans are underway for Boise Entrepreneur Week 2022. In fact, the current plan – after two years of virtual events – is for it to be a live, in-person event. That’s according to organizers Nick Crabbs and Tiam Rastegar at the kickoff Boise Entrepreneur Week (BEW) 2022 Ecosystem Summit, itself a live event held at Boise State University (BSU). The conference’s return to in-person was the impetus for the summit, Crabbs said. “We wanted to remind people what being together in a room felt

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