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  • What’s up with George Mulhern?

    What’s up with George Mulhern?

    By Sharon Fisher | July 19, 2022 Cradlepoint had long been on the list of Idaho’s Startups Most Likely to Exit, so it wasn’t a surprise in September 2020 when the company announced it was being acquired by Stockholm, Sweden-based telecommunications company Ericsson for *$1.1 billion, with the deal closing in November. Almost two years later, it seemed like time to check in with CEO George Mulhern and see how it was working out. “It is actually going quite well,” Mulhern said in an email message. “Because they have run us as more of a standalone business, we have been

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  • The New Normal of Idaho Tech Recruiting

    The New Normal of Idaho Tech Recruiting

    By Sharon Fisher | March 1, 2022 Between the Great Resignation, the work-from-anywhere world brought to us by COVID-19, the housing bubble, and the booming economy, Idaho companies are facing sticker shock when it comes to hiring new employees. COVID put a damper on hiring, but that’s over, said Allison Bruce, partner and vice president of marketing for TalentSpark, a Boise-based recruiting agency, with businesses continuing to grow and employees leaving or retiring. So now there’s a hiring backlog. “We have had more job requests from companies in December and January for software engineers than we had in the 18

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