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  • The IdeaRoom Where It Happens

    The IdeaRoom Where It Happens

    By Sharon Fisher | August 10, 2022 While COVID-19 affected many industries, the effect wasn’t all bad with everyone. Particularly if you had just happened to start a business that made it easier for people stuck at home to design and order custom buildings such as sheds and carports without having to leave their houses. “COVID was a massive stimulant to our business,” said Russ Whitney, CEO and cofounder of IdeaRoom Inc., in downtown Boise. “We operate at the cross section of home improvement and e-commerce, and both got stimulated by COVID.” Whitney’s background If Whitney’s name sounds familiar, it

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  • How Idaho Startups Can Weather The Upcoming Economic Storm

    How Idaho Startups Can Weather The Upcoming Economic Storm

    By Sharon Fisher | June 28, 2022 What goes up must come down. Fortunately, in economics, what goes down can come up again, but only if your startup is still there when it does. That’s the message local and national venture capitalists and other sources of funding are giving to startups who might be about to experience their first financial crisis. The good news is that with problems come opportunity.  “Economic downturns often become huge opportunities for the founders who quickly change their mindset, plan ahead, and make sure their company survives,” wrote YCombinator, a startup incubator, recently in a

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  • Next Week’s Capital Connect Conference to Look at ‘Boomerangs’

    Next Week’s Capital Connect Conference to Look at ‘Boomerangs’

    By Sharon Fisher | April 19, 2022 The focus during next week’s eighth annual Capital Connect conference, produced by the Idaho Technology Council (ITC), is going to be on Idaho companies – not just the ones looking for early rounds of funding, but what ITC founder and CEO Jay Larsen calls “boomerangs”: companies that appeared as early-stage startups several years ago and are now returning after major investments or exits. “Boomerang” companies scheduled to present include StuKent, VisitPay, LiveFree Emergency Response, Lovevery, and House of Design. VisitPay CEO and cofounder Kent Ivanoff spoke at a Capital Connect conference five or

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