Preserving Truth in a Digital Age: SWEAR’s Journey from Boise

In an age where digital media can be manipulated with ease, ensuring the authenticity of content has become a crucial challenge. Enter SWEAR, a Boise-based tech company pioneering a new frontier in digital media protection through blockchain technology. With a mission to foster a transparent and honest global information ecosystem, SWEAR is setting the gold standard for digital media protection and authenticity.

The Vision Behind SWEAR

SWEAR’s mission is clear: to protect the authenticity of digital media. As Shelley Bennett, SWEAR’s COO, passionately explains, the company is dedicated to providing access to unaltered, trustworthy content. Their goal is nothing short of a future where trust in digital content is absolute, and every interaction with media is free from the concern of falsehood.

Bennett shares, “Our vision is to make sure that every video, every piece of digital content, can be trusted. In a world where misinformation can spread like wildfire, this is essential.”

The Birth of SWEAR

SWEAR’s journey began seven years ago when founder Jason Crawforth recognized the growing need for a service to protect digital content. As the technical mind behind SWEAR, Crawforth has been tirelessly developing the technology and building awareness ever since. His partnership with Bennett, who handles the operational side of the business, exemplifies the perfect blend of technical prowess and strategic communication.

How It Works

The technology behind SWEAR might sound complex, but Bennett breaks it down in a way that’s digestible even for the less tech-savvy among us. At its core, SWEAR uses blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of digital videos. This means that every video recorded through their system is continuously verified, creating an unchangeable digital fingerprint that certifies its authenticity. To be specific, the video can still be altered, however, when put up against the verification process, a flag will be raised if the new video does not match the old. It does not prevent manipulation, rather, it detects inauthenticity.

“Think of it like a digital vaccination record,” Bennett says. “Just as immunizations track and protect us against diseases, our technology tracks and protects digital content against manipulation. Every 30 seconds, our system captures and records crucial metadata—like GPS location, time, and device information—into the blockchain. This creates a permanent, tamper-proof record.”

This continuous verification process makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to alter a video without detection. If someone tries to manipulate the content, the system will flag the changes, ensuring that only original, unaltered content is trusted and shared.

Real-World Applications

While the concept may seem abstract, its applications are very real and impactful. Bennett highlights how this technology can influence large-scale issues and everyday experiences alike.

“Imagine you’re recording a soccer game of your child,” she illustrates. “Using our app, every moment is verified and stored securely. If someone tries to alter that footage, the system will immediately detect the tampering. This technology not only protects personal memories but also has profound implications for media and news reporting.”

In a world where deepfakes and manipulated media can sway public opinion and damage reputations, SWEAR’s technology offers a robust solution. It ensures that what you see is indeed what happened, providing an essential layer of trust in digital interactions.

Bennett shared that ideally, SWEAR’s technology will one day be the industry standard in all camera-containing devices. When you pick up your Apple iPhone, the technology will already be embedded so your authenticity is protected from the source. I could get down with that.

The Human Element

While the technology is impressive, the human story behind SWEAR is equally compelling. Shelley Bennett’s journey with the company is a testament to the innovative and inclusive culture at SWEAR. Despite not having a background in coding or blockchain, Bennett was selected to lead the operational efforts due to her passion and understanding of the broader mission.

“It’s about bringing diverse skills together,” Bennett reflects. “You don’t have to be a tech expert to contribute to a tech company. I was chosen because of my ability to communicate our mission and values to the world. That’s what makes SWEAR special—our commitment to harnessing different strengths to achieve a common goal.”

Jason Crawforth, founder of Swear
Boise: The Perfect Launchpad

SWEAR’s roots in Boise are a source of pride for the company. The city, known for its vibrant tech scene and supportive community, provides the perfect environment for innovation to thrive. “Boise has a unique energy,” Bennett says. “It’s a place where ideas can grow, and where there’s a real sense of community and support. We’re proud to be part of that.”

Looking Ahead

As SWEAR continues to grow, their vision remains steadfast. They are not just looking to protect digital media but to set a global standard for authenticity and trust. With each verified video, they are building a foundation for a more truthful digital world.

“Our end goal is to have this technology integrated into every device,” Bennett shares. “We want a future where every piece of digital content can be trusted without question. It’s a big vision, but we’re committed to making it a reality.”

SWEAR’s journey is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when innovation meets integrity. From their headquarters in Boise, they are leading the charge in the fight against digital manipulation, one verified video at a time. As they continue to grow and innovate, their commitment to truth and transparency will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the digital world.

In the words of Shelley Bennett, “We’re not just a tech company; we’re guardians of the truth. And that’s something everyone can get behind.”

Discover more about SWEAR and its groundbreaking technology by visiting its website and joining the movement to protect digital integrity.

This blog is written by Liz Raphael, a writer, actor, and producer in Boise, Idaho.