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Welcome to Trailhead. Our mission is to provide a co-working space for entrepreneurs creating start-ups within the Boise community. Trailhead's main location, Basecamp, is the hub of entrepreneurs, remote workers and early-stage startups. Trailhead’s mission is to “accelerate the creation and growth of new business ventures”. Our work is about teaching and implementing the entrepreneurial mindset.

Trailhead’s core competencies are entrepreneurship and innovation support. Our 5 Pillars of support are Educational Programming, Experiential Learning Events, Mentorship, Community Building and providing an inclusive and affordable collaborative workspace. Trailhead is Boise’s innovation hub and a gathering place for entrepreneurs. We are leading and integrating the community building efforts between the startups, entrepreneurs, our partners, the greater business ecosystem in Idaho and our community right here in the Treasure Valley.

We are proud to be an Idaho for Good member because of the partnership growing and evolving our connections with early-stage entrepreneurs, community members and other like-minded businesses who are seeking to do the same - build a successful ecosystem in the heart of Idaho.

"Boise will recover quickly and emerge stronger from the pandemic, but only if we continue to adapt and foster a culture of innovation," said Mayor Lauren McLean. "That's why we helped create Trailhead, to enable collaboration, new ways of thinking, and create an environment that empowers entrepreneurs."

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Focused Innovation & Collaboration. $50/mo
Trailhead Basecamp offers innovators of all types a place to bring their work to life. Located on the Southeast corner of 8th and Myrtle in the southern tip of Boise's tech corridor.


––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Open Desk Space Weekday Access Free Coffee High-Speed Internet



Dedicated Desks, Private Offices &, Conference Rooms. $150/mo
Trailhead North provides dedicated desks, conference rooms and integrated space for entrepreneurs. Located in the 8th Street Marketplace in the heart of BoDo and Boise's tech corridor.


––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Open Desk Space Weekday Access Free Coffee High-Speed Internet Conference Rooms







Square feet of co
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