Cultivating Innovation: The Heartbeat of Health Tech in Idaho

In the heart of Idaho, where urban meets rural, a vibrant community of innovators and disruptors is reshaping the landscape of healthcare and technology. This is the story of Health Tech Idaho (HTI).

One of Health Tech Idaho’s recent events

Leading the charge is a group of committed changemakers who have created a community of belonging and collaboration for health tech innovators. Lexi Jensen and Molly Zimmer, integral members of the HTI team and Boise locals, play key roles in organizing events and connecting entrepreneurs with industry leaders. Despite our brief conversation, the depth of connections we formed rivaled the flow of the Boise River in early spring.

Molly & Lexi’s efforts underscore the importance of community in driving innovation forward. Being local to Boise also means they’ve got tons of hook-ups (aka, a large network). It’s nice living in a big little city!

HTI brings together a diverse group of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors. Their mission is to provide visibility, resources, and a supportive environment for innovators’ ideas to flourish.

Molly also shed light on the vital role of support and partnerships in Idaho’s health tech industry. The team is always exploring opportunities for co-creation partnerships with institutions like St. Luke’s & St. Alphonsus. Coming from Seattle, Molly shared how seeing the growth in Idaho is exciting, and not just for the restaurant scene. 😉

Nick Crabbs is also a partner and founding member of Health Tech Idaho. Nick’s journey from the corporate realm to the entrepreneurial landscape mirrors the spirit of Idaho’s health tech scene—driven, dynamic, and determined to make a difference. Nick also owns an urban farm in Boise called Hillfort Farm. Chickens, goats, the whole lot! Go check it out.

Lexi Jensen
Nick Crabbs
Molly Zimmer

Health Tech Idaho offers a range of support from mentorship programs to access to capital to support early-stage innovations in Boise and beyond. Through events, office hours, and partnerships with local institutions like Trailhead and St. Al’s, HTI empowers the next generation of healthcare pioneers.

One such pioneer is Clay Young, founder of SeekingSimple, a startup dedicated to helping employees with chronic health issues. By scanning their pantry and recommending healthier products, Seeking Simple is revolutionizing workplace wellness, one step at a time.

Galena Innovations, founded by Ashley Crafton, is another amazing example, with a product designed to lower infant deaths and birth issues worldwide.

Clay Young of SeekingSimple
Ashley Crafton of Galena Innovations

But innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes a community to nurture and support ideas from conception to reality. That’s why Health Tech Idaho is more than just a network. Nick Crabbs, Molly Zimmer, Lexi Jensen, Rourke Yeakley, & Jason Hudson are the team behind HTI. Together, they’re building a community for innovation where ideas are born, nurtured, and brought to life.

As HTI continues to grow and evolve, so will the landscape of healthcare and technology in Idaho. With a network of innovators spanning the Treasure Valley and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Health Tech Idaho’s LinkedIn page for upcoming events. You’ll probably have a chance to meet Molly or Lexi (and trust me, you really want to meet Molly & Lexi). Nick even gave us his direct line. You can email him at (and ask about the chickens!).

This blog is written by Liz Raphael, a writer, actor, and producer in Boise, Idaho.