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  • What’s up with George Mulhern?

    What’s up with George Mulhern?

    By Sharon Fisher | July 19, 2022 Cradlepoint had long been on the list of Idaho’s Startups Most Likely to Exit, so it wasn’t a surprise in September 2020 when the company announced it was being acquired by Stockholm, Sweden-based telecommunications company Ericsson for *$1.1 billion, with the deal closing in November. Almost two years later, it seemed like time to check in with CEO George Mulhern and see how it was working out. “It is actually going quite well,” Mulhern said in an email message. “Because they have run us as more of a standalone business, we have been

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  • How Idaho Startups Can Weather The Upcoming Economic Storm

    How Idaho Startups Can Weather The Upcoming Economic Storm

    By Sharon Fisher | June 28, 2022 What goes up must come down. Fortunately, in economics, what goes down can come up again, but only if your startup is still there when it does. That’s the message local and national venture capitalists and other sources of funding are giving to startups who might be about to experience their first financial crisis. The good news is that with problems come opportunity.  “Economic downturns often become huge opportunities for the founders who quickly change their mindset, plan ahead, and make sure their company survives,” wrote YCombinator, a startup incubator, recently in a

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  • Rescription Has Rx For Prescription Drug Pricing

    Rescription Has Rx For Prescription Drug Pricing

    By Sharon Fisher | June 23, 2022 Median drug prices for a year’s supply increased from $2,115 in 2008 to more than $180,000 in 2021, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. That’s something Scott Martin, founder and CEO of Ketchum-based Rescription Inc., wants to change. “A drug is made,” Martin said. “There’s a distributor. There’s a pharmacy. Employees get a prescription. It goes to insurance. This should not be that complicated. They’ve turned that into an insane system that doesn’t need to be like that.” The creation of Rescription “This is my

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  • Four Boise-based Startups Hope For Funding

    Four Boise-based Startups Hope For Funding

    By Sharon Fisher | June 16, 2022 With a return to in-person events, Trailhead held a live Pitch Night on June 7 in Boise, with four Boise-based startups looking for funding. The event didn’t feature “winners” as such, but enabled the founders to present their companies to a variety of people in the startup ecosystem who could help them develop further. Here are the four founders and what their companies do. Ryan Bokan, Prima Medical Prima Medical is pattern recognition software that helps assist doctors in treating atrial fibrillation (AF), said founder Ryan Bokan in an email message. It was

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  • Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Get It Off The Ground

    Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Get It Off The Ground

    By Sharon Fisher | May 31, 2022 Pitch Aeronautics Inc., developing a drone that can perform high-altitude inspections more quickly and safely, launched its crowdfunding raise on May 31 on StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform geared to startups. The crowdfunding round, with which Pitch Aeronautics hopes to raise $1 million, is a follow-on from the $250,000 IGEM grant it received from the Department of Commerce in partnership with Boise State University in 2020, and will enable the company to develop a prototype model for demonstrations this summer, said Zach Adams, cofounder and chief engineer. “The people we’re competing with aren’t other

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  • What’s Nifty – And What Isn’t – About NFTs

    What’s Nifty – And What Isn’t – About NFTs

    By Sharon Fisher | May 17, 2022 It’s been difficult lately to avoid hearing about NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. It sounds like science fiction. Two people, without even knowing each other or their identities, could sell things to each other, including intangible items such as music or computer-generated art, safely and reliably, without having to worry about proving authenticity, currency conversion, or having any banks or governments involved with it at all. So what’s the problem? What does NFT mean? First, what is an NFT? Let’s break it down. “Fungible,” in the context of finance, means there isn’t any difference

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  • Startup Spotlight: SturdyAI

    Startup Spotlight: SturdyAI

    By Sharon Fisher | May 10, 2022 Every company knows stuff about its customers. Too much stuff. There’s so much material that it can’t be summarized into anything actionable. That’s where SturdyAI comes in. “We take all of the communications that a business has with its customer – support tickets, email, chats — organize them in one spot, and use artificial intelligence or natural language processing to extract relevant relationship triggers,” explained Steve Hazelton, founder of SturdyAI. The software “de-noises” the message stream and then uses robotic process automation to route information to the right people, such as sending happy

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  • What’s All the Chatter about ChatterQuant?

    What’s All the Chatter about ChatterQuant?

    By Sharon Fisher | May 3, 2022 You may remember, early last year, when stock in several companies – notably GameStop, but also AMC – suddenly boomed due to discussions on social media. A Boise startup, ChatterQuant, is working to capture such movements as they happen. The company already has 12,000 customers and won the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge pitch competition and at Hackfort. “We collect data on different social media platforms in real time to identify social sentiment around stock, positive or negative, then we extract price targets, what price people are buying or selling, and entry and exit prices,”

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  • Capital Eleven is Bullish on Boise

    Capital Eleven is Bullish on Boise

    By Sharon Fisher | April 12, 2022 If you’ve been reading about startups investments in Idaho during the last couple of years, a new name has started popping up a lot. It’s Capital Eleven, a Meridian-based seed stage investment company with a portfolio of more than 30 companies, mostly Boise-based startups. “We’re nontraditional when it comes to venture investment, and we took a nontraditional path to get here,” said Travis Hawkes, managing partner. Where Capital Eleven comes from The company started 13 years ago, when Hawkes and his partner David Gardner, from Idaho Falls, decided to formalize their arrangement they

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  • BoldHue: Building the Foundation of a Company

    BoldHue: Building the Foundation of a Company

    By Sharon Fisher | March 29, 2022 Anyone who wears makeup knows how important it is to get the foundation tone right. Too light, and you look like a ghost. Too dark, and you look like you’re trying to fake a tan. That’s the problem BoldHue Inc. is trying to solve. The pre-revenue startup, now with a minimum viable product prototype, is currently at $350,000 of a $500,000 pre-seed round that will bring develop five new prototypes and bring the product from the alpha to the beta stage, said Rachel Wilson, CEO and cofounder. “I’m half Argentinian,” Wilson explained. “With

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