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With so many digital platforms, how do you know which one is the best one for your business? And how can you generate premium content for them all? You might look to a marketing agency for help, but that will be expensive and will take time.

That’s what Ken Brook is hoping to do with AdPrompt, which would solve these problems through automation and by using specialized Large Language Models (AI). 

“This will allow us to offer our users the ability to autogenerate marketing content and advertising campaigns that are optimal based on their marketing objectives,” said Brook, founder of the Boise-based company.

Plethora of Platforms

AdPrompt User Interface

The problem Brook is trying to solve is the inefficiency and costs of marketing/advertising and the pain of dealing with the plethora of advertising and media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, X/Twitter, Snap, TikTok, Messenger, LinkedIn, and so on – which each have their own individual user interfaces. “Our tool has technical access to all the advertising systems you would have to use if you wanted to run ads,” he said. 

AdPrompt integrates with all of the platforms, which provides aggregated access to the disparate systems so users log into just one platform, AdPrompt.Ai, Brook said. But in addition to placing the ads, AdPrompt will also help design the ads and decide where they should go as well. “All of the heavy lifting and complexity of digital advertising will be removed by our platform,” Brook said. For example, it will create all the marketing assets and ad copy, given information on campaign parameters, audience segmenting, and targeting, such as which demographic a company or individual user wants to target. The tool will also create and publish landing pages that will capture new leads and drive conversions.

“Let’s say you want to publish a cartoon book and you want to promote it and you don’t know where to start,” Brook said. You could use AdPrompt to create a landing page – that allows people to download or buy the book – and the tool will also generate advertising campaigns optimized for the top social media channels, serve targeted ads to the desired audience demographics, which drives people to the custom landing page converting inbound interest to paying customers.

The software also manages lead generation, managing the contacts it collects and following up with an email newsletter or email marketing. “You can use the tool to generate an email template that you can then email to all those potential customers,” Brook explained. AdPrompt is built to deliver its users their desired marketing outcomes.

The role of AI

So where does the AI come in? “We are utilizing a multi-AI agent framework for content generation, suggestions and performance predictions, ad targeting and delivery, autonomous optimizations of the live advertising campaigns, and multi-channel analytics,” Brook said. “AdPrompt learns as the advertisements are being served across channels. ‘How is this working? How does the ad engagement look? Are people responding or not?’ It will dynamically make adjustments to campaigns mid-flight, like swapping out ad creatives in near real-time based on their performance.”

It’s not that people haven’t manually been doing that already, but AdPrompt can analyze significantly more data and do it more quickly, Brook said. “Traditionally how it works is you A/B test the creative, do an analysis, target and run campaigns, check reporting and metrics to see how it’s performing, and make adjustments,” he said. “But that takes time and not everyone knows what adjustments to make or even how to use the different advertising systems. Those operations takes know-how. In the time it takes you to create marketing content, target ads, pull reports and make adjustments, you’ve wasted money.”

Users also decide how much they’re willing to spend on advertising, and determine how much they want to rely on AdPrompt’s AI to optimize and use that budget, Brook added. 

Anyone who’s paid any attention to AI recently knows that generative AI systems, which create content, sometimes can, frankly, make stuff up, which the industry refers to as “hallucinations.”

“You can use more specific and highly trained data models to stay on the rails and reduce hallucinations,” Brook said. “It’s not going to be perfect – nothing is – and advertising online is chaos, but one thing is certain, AdPrompt.Ai is proving to be significantly more efficient than humans,” he said. 

Ken Brook, founder of AdPrompt

Users also decide how much control to give to the AdPrompt system. “You can fine-tune it,” Brook said. “If you’re not happy with the outputs or recommendations, there’s always a manual option, where you can manually take over. Or you can start to allow AdPrompt’s AI to take on more of that work. There’s a sliding scale of ‘how automated do you want this to be?’”

Under the hood

Maintaining technical access to all social/media platforms is challenging, but giving AdPrompt users direct access to the largest pool of potential customers, subscribers, readers, followers etc. is extremely valuable. 

Brook acknowledged. “Even with all preventative measures taken and full-time monitoring, sometimes parts of the house catches fire. It’s just the nature of a tech startup. Innovation can be messy. Being able to manage chaos constructively while moving forward is a dance I’ve done many times.”

Brook’s history

Brook describes himself as a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building profitable technology companies starting in 2011. “My deep curiosity of the world set my entrepreneurial career path in motion,” he said. AdPrompt is his sixth technology startup. He’s not an Idaho native, but he first visited the Panhandle eight or nine years ago, and lived in Sandpoint for two years. Then he lived on a boat near southern California’s Channel Islands and explored the pacific for a year. He then came to Treefort to present at Hackfort and just stayed in Boise now calling it home. 

“I fell in love with the city, and I stayed,” Brook said. “I fell in love with the beauty of the lakes and the mountains, the people and the state in general. I kept finding reasons to come back to Idaho.”

What’s next?

The AdPrompt software isn’t publically available yet, but it will be soon. 

AdPrompt will use the software to place ads about the company itself. “Absolutely, we will eat our own dog food,” Brook said, referring to Microsoft’s Paul Maritz’ terminology of companies “eating their own dog food” by using their own software. “The first use case is going to be me and my product team testing it. We’ll be the first brand to run live campaigns, and we’ll probably promote a waiting list for AdPrompt’s beta.”

Then Brook will focus on developing new product features, bringing in users, testing, and scaling up the business from there. He’s currently working on a closed beta test with select local companies – “I’ve identified a handful of local beta testers, and they’re patiently waiting for me” – to help test the system. Finally, he’ll publish case studies showcasing the local businesses’ performance results/metrics after using the AdPrompt platform, highlighting the success stories of his first partners, he said. 

Altogether, AdPrompt.Ai will be an “end-to-end solution and ecosystem to manage marketing strategies, content, ad campaigns and audience data,” Brook said. 

Get Involved:

Be sure to follow AdPrompt to stay updated with it’s progress, product releases and for details on scheduled events that will be hosted here in Boise. You can see Brook talk about Emerging Technology and AI at the Feb. 1st TechTalks: 






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