Trailhead: A Member of the Startup Federation

Trailhead Boise is proud to call itself a member of 1776’s Startup Federation, a network of leading startup hubs, incubators, and coworking spaces located around the world. A perk of being in the Startup Federation, Trailhead members are able to work out of all thirty member locations for no additional cost. Yeah that’s right, for free. The opportunity to work out of these leading innovation spaces simply comes with a Trailhead membership.

If you ever find yourself heading to a game at Fenway Park, and need a place to make a few calls during the day, Trailhead can put you in touch with the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Find yourself touring England and need a place to get online? No problem, you can work out of Warner Yard, a three story co-working space in the heart of London. The opportunities held within the Startup Federation are seemingly endless.

Often times these opportunities come at quite a high price. Most Startup Federation organizations charge their members hundreds of dollars a month. Trailhead members on the other hand have a huge advantage, only paying $35 a month for a Trailhead membership. Trailhead’s membership with the Startup Federation makes it economical for members to work in Boise, around the United States, and even abroad.

As a Trailhead member, not only are you able to work out of Startup Federation spaces across the globe, but you can tap the various resources, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and partners each respective Startup Federation member offers. Trailhead members even have access to exclusive Startup Federation events, mentoring programs, and education. See something at a member organization you want to be part of? Contact Trailhead for help signing up.

When you are a member of Trailhead Boise, your outreach far outpaces the Treasure Valley. Trailhead members are part of a global network of entrepreneurs that spans the globe. According to Donna Harris, co-founder of 1776, “Startups are important to the economy of every community in America, and entrepreneurs should be able to start and scale their companies in whatever city they choose.” With Trailhead’s membership in the Startup Federation, this is made possible.


Where are Startup Federation members located?

  • Amman, Jordan (Oasis500)
  • Austin, Texas (Capital Factory)
  • Baltimore, Maryland (Betamore)
  • Berlin, Germany (Betahaus)
  • Boise, Idaho (Trailhead)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (CIC)
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (The Spot)
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (HQ Charlotte)
  • Chicago, Illinois (1871)
  • Dallas, Texas (The Dallas Entrepreneur Center)
  • Durham, North Carolina (American Underground)
  • Little Rock, Arkansas (The Venture Center)
  • London, United Kingdom (Warner Yard)
  • Los Angeles, California (Cross Campus)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Startup Mexico)
  • Miami, Florida (Venture Hive)
  • Moncton, Canada (VennCentre)
  • Moscow, Russia (Digital October)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (iHub)
  • Nashville, Tennessee (The Nashville Entrepreneur Center)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (The Idea Village)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (CO+HOOTS)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Benjamin’s Desk)
  • San Francisco, California (Hattery)
  • Seoul, South Korea (D.CAMP)
  • St. John’s, Canada (Genesis Centre)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (Garage+)
  • Tallahassee, Florida (Domi Station)
  • Toronto, Canada (INcubes)
  • Waterloo, Canada (Communitech)


Planning your next trip? Learn more about current Startup Federation members here.