Programs + Events

Develop new skills or strengthen old ones - we've got you covered.

Trailhead programs and events are curiously curated by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


START is Trailhead’s startup acceleration program. It is crafted to take entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs from idea to scaleable business in a matter of months. START consists of two phases of education:

IDEA, SET, GO™ = idea validation

STARTUP NOW™ = accelerate your progress

Code School

Trailhead Code School is designed to help students learn how to build interactive websites and applications using modern technology.

Interested? Learn more.

Office Hours

Office Hours are member-only opportunities to talk to domain experts one-on-one. Whether you need help in marketing, finance, or general startup knowledge, just to name a few, we have someone you can talk to.

The Office Hours line-up rotates monthly, so make sure to keep your eyes out on our events page to be up to date on our latest offerings.

Reoccurring Events

Meetup Mashup

Sponsored by Hawley Troxwell

We support organized groups! Every Monday, we have reserved the space from 5:00pm – 9:00pm for Meetup groups to get together at Trailhead. Advanced registration is required. Email for more details.


First Thursday

Sponsored by Washington Trust Bank

Trailhead First Thursday events are dedicated to showcasing Boise’s most innovative and progressive projects and people.