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Membership has its benefits.

Located in downtown Boise, Idaho, Trailhead provides its members with a professional collaboration space, educational programming, and unique networking opportunities, along with structured and unstructured events and drop-in sessions. It’s where you can interact with breakthrough innovators and early stage businesses, and gain access to expertise that can help you along your path.

Trailhead membership includes:

  • Connections to resources, capital and talent to help you grow.
  • Mentorship from leading entrepreneurs and domain experts from Idaho and beyond.
  • Free or discounted admission to Trailhead-hosted events, classes and workshops.
  • Exclusive access to member-only events.
  • Special member-only pricing from select service providers.
  • Free coffee, internet, drop-in meeting and working space, and other office amenities.
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Local address, global Startup Federation membership.

The Startup Federation is a global network of the world’s top incubators, and we are proud to be a member. A membership at Trailhead doesn’t end in Boise, it is valid all over the world. 

In London for a couple days? Stop by Warner Yard and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, potential partners, customers, investors, and mentors.

Accessing these startup hubs is easy. All you have to do is fill out a form and organize a time to go. The rest of the process is cake.




Access top online resources with your membership.

We have partnered with the Boise Public Library to provide a depth of tools to develop your skills. Trailhead members get access to a curated selection of business books, online tutorials, and one-on-one market research help. No library card required.

Other pretty amazing Boise Public Library perks:

  • Design, edit, and create with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Watch high quality design and coding tutorials from and
  • Boost your business with industry projections, customer demographics, competitor research, and more.


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But wait, there is more.

As a Trailhead member, you get member-only pricing from these select service providers:

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What's Included

  • Free coffee, internet, drop-in meeting and working space, and other "office" amenities.
  • Exclusive access to member-only events, including our member mixers and founder forums.
  • Special member-only pricing from select service providers. COMING SOON!
  • Free or discounted admission to Trailhead-hosted events and workshops.
  • Office hours with domain experts and experienced entrepreneurs.
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