Member Profile: Kenneth Reilly

Here at Trailhead, countless entrepreneurs, freelancers, and writers hold their own unique experiences. When you sit down at a table at Trailhead, you can’t help but wonder who your neighbor is.

Every Trailhead member has their own story of how they got their start at the entrepreneurial co-working space. One recent addition to the Trailhead network has one that sums up the never-ending opportunities available here.

Meet Kenneth Reilly

Kenneth grew up in Mobile, AL., and went on to work for a startup company in Mississippi developing computer maintenance software.

During this time, Kenneth’s kids lived in Boise, and he flew here to visit them a couple of times per year. Over the past few years, Kenneth started seeing more and more opportunities in Boise for a software developer. Eventually, Kenneth decided to seize the opportunity and pursue a career here, making a permanent move to the Treasure Valley a few months ago.

“I heard the price, found out what you got with a membership, and realized it was too good of a deal to pass up.”

After making the move, Kenneth immediately began looking for work closer to his kids. While sitting at a pub, someone recommended that Kenneth check out Trailhead. He decided to sign up for a membership after he visited the space and got a feel for the environment. According to Kenneth, “I heard the price, found out what you got with a membership, and realized it was too good of a deal to pass up. For a startup team or any kind of freelancer, working out of Trailhead is a huge advantage.”

The Trailhead Advantage

When Kenneth initially began working at Trailhead, he was finishing up some smaller projects and was actively looking for contacts and opportunities in the area. He also took some time to get up to speed on best practices for programming and networking.

Trailhead has a “Wants/Needs Board” hanging on the wall behind the coffee bar. Members use this board to find help on projects, advertise their skills, or look for jobs. Kenneth wrote his name and contact information on the board, and almost immediately began receiving calls about interviews. A few days later, Kenneth had a full-time job working for another Trailhead member. He is also currently working to develop an app for Wildcard Tech Foundry.

“It’s impressive how fast all of this happened. I didn’t realize how much opportunity there was in Boise, and things came together so quickly. I told myself when I moved here that it could take months or even years to get off the ground. To see things happen way faster than I expected is rewarding. I’m really glad the opportunities were here.”

Kenneth is developing an application called Global. After launch, Global will act as a global directory for users to keep their contact information up to date. Simply update your information in the app when your phone number changes, and your contact information will automatically update on others’ devices. Users no longer have to worry about outdated business cards or changing contact information.

The Right Move

So far, Kenneth has been happy with his move to Boise. “The city is clean, the roads are great, I have access to the outdoors, there are tons of cool places to go, and there is a lot to do.”

“In regards to Trailhead, the coffee is great, the internet is fast, and the environment is relaxing. I can really get into what I am working on here. There are some outstanding things that drive a lot of value at Trailhead, and the people around here are friendly, professional, and passionate.”