Introducing Trailhead’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are built by entrepreneurs. Specifically, they’re built by entrepreneurs who are willing to give their time and talents to mentor other entrepreneurs.

As Boise’s startup hub, Trailhead has become the place for this sort of mentoring to happen. To date, it’s been occurring through office hours, workshops and more informal connections. Now, we’re taking it to the next level.

Introducing the Trailhead Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program, an opportunity for experienced entrepreneurs to plug-in to Trailhead and help our members develop their ideas or businesses. At its core, the program seeks to give veteran entrepreneurs who find themselves between gigs an outlet (and small stipend) to share their wisdom with newer entrepreneurs.

EIRs will host regular office hours, teach workshops, help develop new programs, and generally counsel and coach early-stage startup founders. In the process, we believe EIRs will infuse Trailhead and Boise’s startup ecosystem with a regular dose of fresh ideas, perspectives, and connections. Win. Win. Win.

The ideal EIR is someone who has lived the startup life, preferably in a variety of roles — most notably as startup founders themselves, of course, but also in roles like business development, product development, and marketing. We expect entrepreneurs to spend about six months in the program, with the possibility of a couple of EIRs overlapping at any given time. It’s part time, so EIRs will still have time to work on other projects.

The most exciting part? Today we can proudly announce our first EIR is Dan Faricy. Dan is a startup veteran who has held a wide range of positions in leadership, business development, product development and more, including time as CEO of Boise’s Wires Stone.  Most recently, Dan was at IdeaRoom, a local software startup.

Dan is a great entrepreneur and a great guy. You can schedule office hours with Dan effective immediately.

If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks the EIR role might be a good fit, contact Raino ( to learn more about the Trailhead EIR program.