Trailhead Apprenticeship

Work on real-world software projects. Get paid to do it.

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Want to thrive in a rewarding software career?

Trailhead is proud to offer a practical, industry-recognized pathway to gaining extensive software development skills.


Trailhead apprentices work under the mentorship of senior developers on real-world projects, receiving a livable wage.

While completing projects, apprentices also focus on learning software engineering skills, web development best practices, and computer science fundamentals – including data structures and algorithms.

Applicants should have some coding or computer science experience, including having completed at least one software project that can be demonstrated or discussed during the application process.

For prospective apprentices with no experience, we recommend attending Trailhead Code School’s introductory courses.

By 2020, more than 70% of the 1.4 million computer specialist job openings in the US will be unfilled. Across Idaho, hundreds of software development and design jobs are vacant.

Our mission is to fill jobs in Idaho and advance economic mobility by training students to prosper in rewarding technical careers. Our goal is to elevate Idaho’s technical literacy by providing practical options for a wide range of students to attain relevant education and career development.

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“I thought my only way forward was to get another bachelor’s degree while working full time or quit my job for bootcamp.

There was a rung missing on the ladder for people switching careers into software development, especially single parents, but you’ve designed and installed a rung and now I have a path.

I am so grateful.”

– Natalie, Trailhead Code School Student



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